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The N.Z Music Show brings you quality music from very talented Independent and Unsigned musicians/artists from ALL genres across New Zealand.


Apr 25, 2018

Welcome to todays Podcast where we feature another world class Kiwi Music Release – Breakaway.

This is a collaboration from 3 Kiwi Artists - from Anthony Coulter on Piano & Strings, Edwina Thorne on Flugelhorn Trumpet and Muted Trumpet and also mPHATic on Drums and Bass - perhaps unsurprisingly given the talent on offer, this is a World Class Jazz Track.

Edwina Thorne is New Zealand’s one and only trumpet diva. An incredible entertainer extraordinaire - no one really compares to her!! Edwina attended The Berklee School of Music and has experience living and performing in New York for many years as well as touring Europe & the Caribbean.

Anthony Coulter originally wrote the piano and strings & mPHATic contributed the bass and drums and introduced Edwina to deliver the horns. The trumpet playing is incredible exhibiting shades of Miles Davis.

The Piano playing provides the bed for the track. Its a very modal style of jazz playing with tones and colours that link the other instruments into a comprehensive soundscape… This soundscape is glued together by the rhythm section -which in the words of Anthony Coulter features a Charles Mingus style bass line from mPHATic. mPHATic says the bass playing speaks for itself - just listen to this track.

Jon Astley has delivered an incredibly well polished and mastered track you can hear every detail. The production by mPHATic is well balanced and beautifully dimensioned 3D soundscape. This combination of production and mastering is what brings the track to LIFE!!!

Breakaway is a phenomenal jazz track in my opinion it certainly lives up to its name, the playing and performance from everyone is so good that you need to listen to this for yourself…

Breakaway is NOW available for pre-order from the iTunes store, and Google Play Store for download immediately on the 5th Of May in N.Z Music Month!!

Hope you enjoy this World Class Track!!

Edwina Thorne