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The N.Z Music Show brings you quality music from very talented Independent and Unsigned musicians/artists from ALL genres across New Zealand.


May 18, 2018

Welcome to todays N.Z Music Show where we feature another world class Kiwi Music Release – called ‘Never Get Me Back’ from the artist, Hi-NES featuring Krisy Erin!

Hi-NES's music comes from enjoyment of sharing the Maori culture internationally and nationally through both music and Maori performing arts and she has years of experience in music, kapahaka, contemporary and hip hop dance as well as film and theatre too.

Hi-NES is originally from Rotorua, New Zealand and brought up in a musical family with six brothers.

The ‘Never get me back’ release comes from the *Milky Way Radio* label an independent label releasing tracks from New Zealand to the world!! 



The NZ Music Show is pleased and proud to bring you this release, before it even hits the stores.

Check out this song and get your very first listen before, it hits iTunes and Google Play Stores.


Pre-sale starts any day now – Official Release date is this Saturday the 26th of May!!

GO To These Links to Pre-Order on iTunes and Google Play


Credits also due:

• Produced and co-written by Pieter T and Tyree Tautogia

• Mastered by Pieter T in N.Z but, also Mastered by John Astley whom has achieved over 20 platinum albums with artists including The Who, Queen, Tori Amos.  Plus now a growing list of Kiwi artists including Marina Bloom, Mandi Miller, Beth Winks, The Artist Red, Tony T, Anthony Coulter and Tamati Cassidy)

Musicial Influences:

Hi-NES father & 6 brothers - Lauren Hill, Aaradhna, Aaliyah, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, 2pac, Pieter T, Allen Stone, Matt Corby, Maisey Rika and Whirimako Black.


Other Upcoming Releases:

1. “Never get me back” (This release today)

2. “Down with me”

3. “Re-birth”

4. “Summer Day”

5. EP with 6 tracks including the above.


Ok so about this track “Never Get Me Back” - whats it like? How did it make me feel?

Never Get Me Back takes you on journey wanting more that is simply a smooth elegant track - the lyrics are downright catchy from  start to end - and will have you copying the lyrics in no time.  Hi-NES production crew has just stood out and nail it!!- what a talented group!! 


We hope you enjoy this World Class Track!!  Because its way up there with the cream of the crop in R & B!!