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The N.Z Music Show brings you quality music from very talented Independent and Unsigned musicians/artists from ALL genres across New Zealand.


May 23, 2018

Welcome to Episode 14 - an awesome playlist to keep you busy like the huge amount of gigs around the 'May Music Month' celebrations of New Zealand Music!!

Lots of interesting things has happened to affect the podcast including a new additional requests of Single Podcast releases.

And also a Radio Station is coming soon...for all music that comes my way the tip of the iceberg begins here;


The Playlist on today's show is;

  1. Armed in Advance: Ran Away
  2. His Masters Voice - The Devils Blues : Woman
  3. Scared of Girls: Waihi Beach
  4. The Gemini Effect: Dance Little Stranger
  5. Kittens of The Internet: Panther
  6. Knightshade: U Say
  7. Rei: The Chiefs Speech
  8. Rei: Life is a Dream (feat Diaz Grimm)
  9. Alien Weaponry: Holding my Breath
  10. Alien Weaponry: Kai Tangata
  11. The Gemini Effect: Get It In Your Head
  12. Ivy Lies: Addicted
  13. Lucifer Gunne: Pendulum
  14. Curly Jewels: Internal Cinderella
  15. Coridian: Birth of Symmetry
  16. Coridian: Blind Faith

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Until the next podcast have fun and go support your local gigs!!


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Cheers, Laurie