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The N.Z Music Show brings you quality music from very talented Independent and Unsigned musicians/artists from ALL genres across New Zealand.


May 31, 2018

We all have an ear worm stuck in out head - what’s yours?

if you haven’t guessed yet - yep Tunnel West is mine, 

Anyway - I hope you are all well today….

Today I’m introducing a new TRACK from Tony T who hit number 1 on Tunes in Hip-Hop recently with the track Babygirl. 

Tony T is ex-Ardijah and Dfaction he needs no introduction…..

Its great to see him is putting out some really good kiwi music through the Milky Way Radio label - where things are well produced by mPHATic and Mastered really well by John Astley…

Please check out the NZ Music website for all his recent releases. Easy just go to our page where you found this podcast….

But for NOW you gotta hear this track “Tunnel West” is officially  released Saturday 9th of June - less than 10 days away now… get yours on pre-sale now!!!

What stands out for me about this track is its really groovy and happy - a song you can boogie down to anytime.

I hope and would bet that this track is going to be heard LOUD and PROUD all throughout the Pacific Islands - because Tony T has developed a very well known brand of Pacific Reggae!!!   With his cool past releases “Down at the Boondocks” and Ngaire “To Sir With Love”  


Tunnel West

If you feel the same do what I did, click the direct links provided on our website to purchase and download from the iTunes Store & Google Play Store - available now.


Ok thats it until next Next Time


This is Laurie bringing you New Music Now!!!