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Jun 9, 2018

Episode 16 - Tihei & Tony T (feat.mPHATic): 8 Up Fly - Exclusive World Podcast Release


Introducing the best ever Rap duo I heard from New Zealand based artists;


TIHEI & TONY T - 8 Up Fly (feat.mPHATic)


This podcast today brings two incredible artists with world class talent beaming GOLD to moon and back!!   


Tony T (this morning confirmed his second #1 in 6 weeks, with “Tunnel West” the track we featured on our last episode - Tony T sends his thanks to his fans for supporting him.  What is fantastic about Tony T’s contribution is his outstanding guitar scratching and his “ Mr Wendell” style rapping that nicely balances Tihei’s, strong forthright style while flowing beautifully in its own way!!!


TIHEI - I first spotted his huge talent when Tony T did a Facebook Live on Tihei rapping on the Street just to a few words - over 700 people, viewed that video within a few days.


So in a way it’s no surprise they have united on this track ‘8 Up Fly’.  This  new track has exceptional energy - its again world class, a track N.Z Rap fans can be proud to call their own.  I would say Tihei would be one of our top Rappers and one of the best rappers in the world today!!! Shades of the 4 Black Eyed Peas wrapped up into one guy - thats how good Tihei is!!!


Tihei is a professional musician who has been busking for over 7 years mastering his craft amongst Kiwis at tourist hotspots like Pahia up north and also Australia - soon he’ll be flying over to New York to show them how he Raps on the fly there!!!


Tihei says, "I’ve released a book called "Real Raw and Relatable" as part of a combination of "Humans of South Auckland". 


Tihei has also released 12 music videos and a documentary called Tihei which made it to Air New Zealand and National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Tihei has also performed with world class artists opening for the likes of Big Daddy & AD from New York City."


Please check out the other Podcast episodes that we featured Tony T’s other releases.


But for NOW you gotta hear this track “8 Up Fly” is officially  released Saturday 16th of June (a week today) … get yours on pre-order  now!!!


What stands out for me about this track it is so full of an energetic rap with awesome lyrics that rhyme with best rappers in the world - I say that Tihei represents so well on this track that he is the Eminem of New Zealand!! 

The creativity and flare is amazing he drops everything on a one take basis - this was confirmed to me by mPHATic when he produced this track! Blown away by these 2 Talented kiwis and wondering whats coming next!! Its been an amazing time for me to be involved in Kiwi music….cheers hope you like this track as much as I do…


Anyway now its your turn to enjoy - here is “8 Up Fly!!!”




If you like it as much as I did it definitely leaves you wanting more?  


Just do what I did click the direct links provided on our website to purchase and download from the iTunes Store & Google Play Store - available now.


Ok thats it until next Next Time


I really enjoy bringing you New Music Now!!!


TIHEI & Tony T