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The N.Z Music Show brings you quality music from very talented Independent and Unsigned musicians/artists from ALL genres across New Zealand.




My About Story started way back in 2007 (in dial up internet days) when I started the podcast called Insomnia Radio N.Z (part of an American Podcast Network) when I lived in Scotland and amazingly then I got bands sending me CDs to play on my podcast.

FAST FORWARD to 2017 these days living in Rural Waikato I decided to go it on my own and start "The N.Z Music Show' to continue my love of helping N.Z bands to be heard online around the world wide web.

I continue to build a huge artist playlist of quality independent Music from very talented musicians/artists from ALL genres across New Zealand.

Artists can send Music submissions to OR to My DROPBOX account to add is is eagerly awaiting the next album/EP/Single downloads to share with my listeners.

Many thanks to all musicians and thanks to all listeners of my Podcast.



Laurie Stanbridge


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