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Podcasting quality independent Music from very talented musicians/artists from ALL genres across New Zealand since 2007 and the world Stream/Download the latest podcast on you Podcast App of choice 24/7 or listen on the website



The N.Z Music Show has lots more Podcast shows of all varieties than ever before especially this is the 13th year since I started out in Podcasting…  Lockdown 2020 has brought a new creative wave of ideas for 2020!!  

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Show Host – Laurie Stanbridge

“Thats that Kiwi dude from down under I heard way back in my Myspace.com days in 2007 when podcasting was the new thing”    Tim & Don from Insomnia Radio Baltimore Podcast.


Podcast listeners keep your ears in tune and Artists lets talk real soon!!

Check out all the Social Links at the top of the website and artists drop me a email laurie@thenzmusicshow.net anytime!!

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