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Who is The N.Z Music Show?

It’s an adventure that started for a Kiwi living a long way from home that missed hearing the latest Kiwi Music in Scotland 


My name is Laurie Stanbridge and my interest in Podcasting with Indie Artists started in 2007 when MySpace was the main social media platform, when I started the podcast called Insomnia Radio N.Z (part of the Insomnia Radio Network) when I lived in Scotland and I was amazed when I got bands sending me CD’s from New Zealand and various other countries to play on my podcast.

FAST FORWARD to 2017 after a couple of other smaller Podcasts I produced I decided  to start “The N.Z Music Show’ to continue my love of helping bands be heard online around the world wide web.

I continue to build a huge artist playlist of quality independent Music from very talented musicians/artists from ALL genres around the New Zealand and the world…

I have also collaborated with singer, journalist and producer Dionne Bidois who owns an independent  promotional media company The Dionne Show.  Together we cross promote each others artists to increase their  exposure.  For more information contact Dionne at The Dionne Show here.

As of 28th of July 2018, I have just confirmed a very strong connection with a USA based independent artist support via John Reign from PoleStar Productions/CRANKIT-UP Magazine https://www.polestarprod.com/ so from this I will feature USA Indie Artists on the Podcast too which in turn will see N.Z Indie Artists gain new interest from American bands and new listeners to New Zealand Indie Music.

All Artists can send Music submissions via email to laurie@thenzmusicshow.net

Also I have a Dropbox for multiple track submissions via My DROPBOX account @ laurie@thenzmusicshow.net is eagerly awaiting the next album/EP/Single downloads to share with my listeners.

All Podcast Posts and can be streamed from this website under Episodes 
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Laurie Stanbridge


My First Podcast Episodes are below;

Insomnia Radio New Zealand
(My first Podcast 2007-2017)

This is where I started in Podcasting with a cheap $5 Microphone it sounded so tinny in my first recording session so I upgraded very quickly and started receiving CD’s from everywhere in the world…wow the rest is history as they say and The N.Z Music Show is now were it has progressed to..

Unsigned Kiwi Podcast (2008)


The Unsigned Kiwi Podcast was a small Podcast that I only ever did two episodes but taught me alot more to create all the software behind the setup hence it lasted only two episodes before I went back to Insomnia Radio New Zealand edition.



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