WE WANT YOUR MUSIC NOW! BUT… there are a few things to take into consideration (in no particular order):

  • TAG and LABEL your music PROPERLY. If you send us tracks that say track 1 we will DELETE them.
  • FILL IN the details about the band including social network and website links.
  • Let us know if there is a LEAD TRACK you would prefer us to play first.
  • We are a Podcast so any YouTube links will be handy for sharing on Social media from our posts.
  • Send Audio files in HIGH QUALITY.  That is 320 Kbps or High Quality Wave files.
  • We receive a lot of submissions and enjoy listening to every track.  Please don’t get upset if I don’t respond immediately even weeks as this is a pure hobby to fill in during my days off work.  I will respond!!
  • We are promoting your music FOR FREE so please respect that and promote us too.
  • TELL YOUR FANS when we let you know we are going to feature your band. How else will they know?
  • Please feel free to read The N.Z Music Show Policies (to be updated) page for more information on how we use your music.

Here is some guidelines in mind and we will get your music on air ASAFP.


  1. Your name? So I can contact you about your band.
  2. Your Email address?
  3. Band or Artist name you like to be known as?
  4. Your Music Genre?
  5. Location? Where in the world you are from.
  6. A detailed Artist BIO so I have a quick reference point to talk about your music on the Podcast.  This can be attached as a PDF or Word document.
  7. Detailed information about your current release or upcoming release.  Why are you sending me your music.
  8. List your Website and social media links (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram).  This will help me promote you and grow your following in this new world of online music sales. 
  9. Links to where listeners can download your music from such as iTunes, Bandcamp, etc…
  10. Links to where listeners can Stream your music from such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc…
  11. And finally attach your music to your email submission WAVE files are best as they are the highest sound quality, or MP3’s at 320Kbps!!

Many thanks for reading this did I miss anything you want to tell me pop it into the email.


Laurie Stanbridge

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